About the Music

The musical layer of the film consists of 26 tracks, including 10 pieces arranged for accordion. In total, it is almost 60 minutes of music, composed and arranged in its entirety by Marcin Gałażyn, otherwise known as one of the three pillars of the Motion Trio. The whole Motion Trio also feature in the film. Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek and Marcin Gałażyn perform "UFO" - the flagship song of the “Sroka in Motion” project – artistic collaboration between Jacek Sroka and Jarek Migoń, started in 2014. More about the “Sroka in Motion” on the project website at www.srokainmotion.com.

As usual, the music is mixed live by Michał Rosicki, who has been working with the Motion Trio for many years now. Michał knows very well when the accordion squeaks a its finest.
The final version of the music was made with the support of  MAQ RECORDS STUDIO