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    The film shows twelve days in the life of Jacek Sroka. The story is based on the diary, or rather, an anti-diary of the artist, mixing the artistic with the intimate; distance with proximity; the imagined with the supposed. The world of the artist's paintings and his personal life permeate each other, while privacy in his work gains universal value.

  • genre: documentary

    starring: Jacek Sroka, Marzena Sroka,
                 Zuzanna Kamykowska,
                 Melania Sroka, Figa Sroka, 
                 Motion Trio

    written and directed by Jarosław Migoń

    music: Marcin Gałażyn

    photography: Piotr Trela

    gafer: Tomasz Stańco

    sound: Mirosław Gibas

    colorist: Tomasz Poznański

    sound postproduction: Michał Rosicki

    producer: Jarosław Migoń

    production: grafiQa
                      Krakovia Producciones

    duration: 62 min.

    subtitles: French, English, Chinese